The “Amish Buggy” spot not only made the phrase “Slim Jim’s Amish ‘your mom’ joke” a thing actual people said - it also became a phenomenon, racking up over 850,000 views on Facebook and 500,000 on YouTube within weeks of the spots’ release. To follow up the success of the ad and main character, we planned to stage an Amish takeover of Slim Jim’s Twitter account by our Amish guy himself, Jed. 

We planned the tonality, example tweets, memes, exclusive content and more for Jed’s takeover. Though the takeover never went live, creating a full character for Jed and planning a social media event was a great experience. Just like your mom is.

Download the #AmishBurn book here.


Agency: DDB San Francisco

CD: Jim Bosiljevac

AD: Lena Barrows

CW: Katie Johnston