DDB San Francisco partnered with Dogpatch Wineworks to make and bottle our own Pinot Noir, because we drank all the other wine in San Francisco. Lena Barrows and I won a contest to create the label. 

Original label copy:

Devour This Bottle

A lot of hard work went into the production of this brilliant batch of wine. 

It started with a seed. A seed we labored over. Sweat over. A seed we spent months growing.

And when it was ripe, we ripped it from the vine and we stomped on it. Hard. We fermented it. Doubted it. Tortured it.

And we drank. (A lot.)

We sent it lovely off into its barrel and we waited. Impatiently. Fidgeting. Peeking.

And just when we thought we would die, the barrel opened.

And we found that we’d created something beautiful.

Then the client killed it anyway. Because advertising.

I also wrote our official DDB San Francisco birthday card. Did you know that 33% of people are born via C-section? I learned that when 33% of our office got mad. 

Thanks to Rose Yount for the artwork.