Even the cleanest people only clean their windows once or twice a year. This has caused a serious problem in the window community. A sense of abandonment. Loneliness. Even depression.

We wanted to give these windows a voice to tell their owners how they really feel. It's time to look at your windows instead of through them.

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The campaign continues out of home, where we surprise people with reverse graffiti on the giant windows they pass by every day. We also have stickers available to put on any dirty window you see, as well as in-store ads.

Reverse graffit


In the window aisles at home improvement stores.

In the drapes aisle at Target.

A microsite at www.thesaddestwindow.com tells the story of an average neglected window. Here's a walkthrough.

A Buzzfeed article about the world's cleanest (and happiest) windows directs people to the microsite and promotes our Instagram tag, #happywindows.

The best time to get the window-cleaning habit started is when you've just moved into a new home. Windex will send a New Home Forever kit to new homeowners nationwide. It includes Windex, washcloths, a plant friend, and a calendar to remind them never to neglect their windows again.

Radio ads give windows a voice, even if that voice is kind of a bummer. Can you blame them?

Spots would play on the radio and on Pandora.

Team Windorks:

Art Direction: Hannah Gormanlove

Art Direction: Caitlin Bradley

Creative Technology: Brian Laiche

Communications Strategy: Rod Kashani

Creative Brand Management: Rob McDaniel