Post Malone loves Bud Light. Like, drinks-a-six-pack-on-stage-every-night loves it. So we were both pretty excited when he became the next artist to do a show with Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. 

We even made it Facebook Official. That's true love.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 12.32.43 PM.jpg

To start building hype around the show, we announced Post Malone as our newest Dive Bar artist using classic dive bar neon signs. 

We commissioned an original mural from artist Sam Spratt, because everyone should have a mural of themselves sitting on a throne of their favorite beer. Post loved the mural so much that we had it framed for the Air BnB he stayed in during Coachella.


To announce the show in Nashville, we took inspiration from Hatch Show posters and put up wild postings everywhere we were legally allowed to (and a couple of places we weren't legally allowed to). We also had roaming projections throughout the city the night before the show


We chose Exit/In, a Nashville rock venue/dive bar staple, as our venue, and we did it up Bud Light-style.

The April 4th show was live-streamed on Twitter and Facebook, including a surprise guest appearance from 2 Chainz.

He also dropped the release date of his long-awaited album. So that was cool.

Most importantly, we made not one but two Bud Light thrones.