This campaign was developed by DDB San Francisco to show guys that being an adult is stupid, and eating Slim Jims can help you snap out of responsibility and back into being a dude. 

The first spot in our campaign, "Amish Buggy," got as big on the Internet as your mom does every Friday night, with 800k views on Facebook and 500k on YouTube within a week of its release.

It was also #4 on Spike TV's Funniest Commercials of the Year 2015. 

To keep the momentum going, we released an outtakes reel from the shoot:

CD: Jonathan Byrne / CW: Katie Johnston / AD: Lena Barrows

The other three spots in our 2015 campaign:

CD: Jonathan Byrne / CW: Katie Johnston / AD: Lena Barrows

CD: Jonathan Byrne / CWs: Andy Whalen, Justin Stielow

CD: Jonathan Byrne / CWs: Andy Whalen, Justin Stielow

DIRECTOR: Steve Miller